RED. Experts in data collection.

“Delivering data our clients can trust since 1997.”


Market researchers are demanding faster, innovative ways in which to access insights, that’s why we have developed our own in house suite of methodologies to reach different audiences quickly and cost effectively.


We are experienced in all methods of data collection, we know about research, not just data, and understand what the data is for and how it is used. We provide impartial advice on the most suitable methodology for our client’s needs. So if there is a better, faster, more cost effective way of doing things, we will tell you. And because we are at the forefront of technological innovations, we can offer new solutions that provide faster access to the data compared to the traditional methods.


At RED our mission is to work with our clients as a partner of choice, so we come to be thought of as the in-house data collection experts.

The six reasons our clients tell us why they work with RED.

Advice and guidance from research expert account managers.

Survey design optimisation to help shape questions into an intelligent survey.

Method-agnostic approach to data collection and processing of outputs.

A unique combination of quality, speed and price.

Experience of B2B and B2C audiences, and a wide range of sectors.

Fit for purpose data that can be used with confidence and trust.

Experience. Knowledge. Honesty.

“Your dedicated account manager knows about research, not just data.”


With RED you work with people who know about research, not just data. Who understand what data is for and how it’s used.


RED Account Managers are experienced in all types of data collection, and their main focus is on ensuring that what we do for you delivers precisely what you need. We think that’s what ‘fit for purpose’ means.


In addition to your own Account Manager, with RED you also have access to the combined experience of 25 in-house data collection specialists. You also benefit from Quadrangle’s continuing investment in technology and data platforms.


If there’s a better, faster or cheaper way of doing things, your RED Account Manager will tell you. And, because we’re at the forefront of technological innovations, they’ll often surprise you by offering solutions that give better results and better value.


Finally, our goal is to work with research professionals as a partner of choice, so we come to be thought of as your in-house data collection experts.

“Dedicated project management that truly delivers.”


Our service includes a dedicated team of experienced qualitative and quantitative project managers that support your requirement to control and ensure successful delivery of all your fieldwork needs.


RED project managers will work with your dedicated account manager to manage projects ranging from large-scale, complex brand trackers to specific smaller scale fieldwork projects such as focus groups, mystery shopping or online surveys.


When it comes to delivery, RED project managers utilise their experience as professional practitioners using a suite of project management tools to suit the nature of the particular project. This includes utilising our in-house project management tool to keep all the project’s tasks, documents, conversations, and team availability in one place.


The ultimate goal of RED project managers is to help our account managers deliver better projects, helping to mitigate any possible risks, improve quality and ensure timely completion of all the fieldwork.

“International expertise which you can access locally.”


We collect data for a broad range of highly prestigious clients – spanning leading brands, multi-nationals, plcs, regulatory bodies, charities, Government, FMCG and retail.


We carry out both ad hoc and continuous projects across a broad range of sectors, areas and geographies. We do enormous jobs and very small ones. We do B2C and B2B. We collect data in mass markets and from audiences that are hard to find or to research.


We have one of the largest field forces in the UK, a national network of recruitment specialists that includes a dedicated C-Suite team and a purpose-built, state-of-the-art CATI centre that attracts and retains very high quality interviewers.


We work in all key markets. The places we collect data from includes Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain and the UK; USA, Brazil, Canada and Mexico; Australia, China, Japan, Russia and Singapore.

“If you can’t trust the data, you’ve got nothing.”


A unique set of quality standards underpin all data supplied by RED.


These were first written some 10 years ago, are constantly reviewed, and go far further than those required by IQCS, ISO 9001 and ISO 20252.


This attention to detail through, for example, high percentages of back-checking and extra levels of verification/ validation, is integral to RED’s mantra of being simply better.


As part of our commitment to improving industry quality standards, we are also a member of, and actively involved in, the AQR, ESOMAR and the MRS as a Company Partner.


And, with the increased use of and security issues surrounding ‘big’ data, RED has invested a considerable amount of both time and money in becoming ISO 27001 Accredited, the Information Security standard to protect data and information. That’s a first for a data collection business in the UK.


To find out more, or for a copy of any of our quality standards, please contact us.

“Our pricing policy sets us apart from the competition.”


At RED, we appreciate that our clients do not like surprises and that they expect to have transparency and control of all their fieldwork costs.


We also recognise that our clients do not want to pay just for delivery and project management but want to feel that they are getting good advice, receive added value and effective fieldwork services together with a responsive and empathetic service.


This is why at RED we price our services on the added value you receive from the fieldwork and that you are able to reliably reach your target audiences.


Our pricing policy focuses on 4 key areas…

Real efforts to reduce delivery and sample costs. In other words, to move away from a ‘cost-plus’ mentality;

Greater cost-consciousness – recommending clients to spend their budget ‘with care’, as if it were our own money;
Greater client involvement and engagement in the pricing aspect of the relationship;

Greater pricing transparency and certainty – a ‘no-surprises’ policy.


So if you’d like to maximise the results from your fieldwork, please get in touch with us.

We’ll be happy to help you get the most out of your fieldwork budget.

Our data collection services

Mobile Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


We provide a state-of-the-art mobile data collection service that includes Mobile-On-The-Go, App-based and IVR-SMS surveys.

Online Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


From customer satisfaction surveys to complex choice modelling, we cover all methods of online research fieldwork.

Face to Face Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection

Face to Face

Our highly experienced field force specialise in knowing how to find, approach and speak to people in-person and in any location.

Telephone Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


Whether a CATI consumer study or interviewing hard to reach senior B2B audiences – we ensure high complete rates.

Blended Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


We provide a mixed-mode data collection service to ensure an integrated approach to delivering all your data output needs.

Qualitative Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


We help our clients immerse themselves in conversations with their customers from all walks of life, from consumer to business audiences.

Quantitative Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


We specialise in providing a customised quant solution through a consistent delivery of quantitative data and high quality outputs.

Data Analytics | RED - Experts in Data Collection

Data Analytics

We manage a wide range of data analytics projects, helping you turn complex datasets into easy-to-understand actionable insights.

Dashboarding & Reporting | RED - Experts in Data Collection


We design dashboards that focus attention on key business drivers, actionable outcomes and the ability to make key business decisions.

STOREWORKS | RED - Experts in Data Collection


STOREWORKS delivers cost-effective retail marketing data and insights to help retailers engage with different shopper audiences.

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