Longitudinal Studies

We manage and deliver longitudinal studies or panel-based studies involving multiple follow-up measurements on a random or specific sample of individuals, such as their customer performance, behaviour or attitude over a set time period and at periodic intervals.


Our approach to longitudinal research is always flexible and we can adapt our fieldwork process based on a client’s objectives, scope and interview frequency requirements.


Whether the study involves conducting telephone surveys (CATI) or acquiring respondents through the use of panel suppliers, RED can help to meet longitudinal research needs and objectives. This includes providing consultative support in audience acquisition, survey design and the best way to deliver the study to obtain actionable data through our data analytics services.

We offer different types of longitudinal studies including Panel, Cohort and Retrospective. A panel study will generally include a representative sample of respondents, which RED can deliver via our panel provider parnerships. Cohort studies involve interviewing respondents who drop into related or specific demographic groups based on their shared characteristics and attributes. This includes various types of respondent groupings such as region, age, sex or common experience. And with retroactive studies, we take advantage of historical data provided by clients, where we conduct comparison analysis with current study data.


Depending on the scope of the study, we can also help clients discover “sleeping effects” or connections between different events over a long period of time; events that otherwise would not be linked.

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