Customer Retention Studies

Customer Retention is a critical metric for any brand, product or service, and whilst customer acquisition is important, our customer retention fieldwork team are experts in uncovering insights and identifying the real reason customers are dissatisfied, obtaining feedback on why current customers leave, discovering product defects, identifying opportunities to improve products and services, as well as understanding what factors contribute to their retention.


We also expand our data collection to areas such as customer service, obtaining feedback and identifying any operational issues to help ensure a continuous improvement to the quality of service of a business.

Our team of interviewers are experts in uncovering the motivations behind their answers to interview questions and can help identify the core behaviours or features in a product or service that are leading new users to form habits and become current customers, the reasons that contribute to whether a new customer retains or churns, how to effectively onboard a customer and how to get customer to re-engage with a brand, its products and services.


Understanding all these insights will help increase retention and our team of interviewers can conduct interviews at specific customer intercept points, journeys or after recent complaint resolutions.

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