Custom Audiences

We have one of the largest field forces in the UK, a national network of recruitment specialists that includes a dedicated C-Suite team and a purpose-built, state-of-the-art CATI centre that attracts and retains very high quality interviewers.


With 180 CATI stations we are also able to create dedicated CATI teams to work on specific projects targeting specific audiences, providing a rapid turnaround of data outputs on projects of any scale and we operate to strict and robust quality standards to deliver reliable, consistent insight across the whole lifecycle of a project.

Our dedicated teams can work under specific criteria from working off contact lists with limited numbers, convincing respondents to participate in an interview, navigating gatekeepers and negotiate pushbacks to reach the person who is able to address the interview questions and guide respondents through a set of quantitative and qualitative questions.


Dedicated CATI interviewers can also be trained to follow specific engagement guidelines to ensure respondents are happy to be re-contacted. All outbound calls and interview data is logged in our CATI platform to ensure an accurate record of all contact with respondents, survey results and responses of the interviews. Additional training is also provided to interviewers to ensure they understand any difficulties that a business may have in reaching, responding and dealing with customers or proffesional audiences.

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