C-Suite CATI

RED conducts C-Suite research with CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and others to uncover sector trends, business issues and challenges that matter to that audience. This research is conducted by our most expereince B2B CATI interviewers.


At RED, we consider the C-suite to be our most important audience and this is why we use our most experienced business interviewers for our C-Suite studies.


Our interviewers have extensive experience conducting telephone research studies with C-Suite proffesionals but also with key decision makers and stakeholders as well as with SME business owners, non-profit executives and public sector policy makers.

All our interviewers are well educated, highly articulate and attain a thorough understanding of the research topics and objectives prior to starting any study. They also have the business know-how and life skills to interview C-Suite respondents across a variety of sectors.


RED is also specially adept are sourcing hard to reach C-Suite respondents and we offer sample provision services catering to any research objective as well as providing a wide range of data analytics and reporting options to make sure that research outputs are delivered in the most convenient and effective manner.

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