RED has expert knowledge and expertise in collecting feedback and opinions from business professionals and we deliver quality interview outputs to help our clients make complex business and strategic decisions.


Our focus is on effectively identifying, engaging and succesfully interviewing key business decision-makers at all levels. A process that starts with a thorough briefing on business and research objectives as well as establishing a B2B sample strategy that provides representative and realistically attainable quotas.


B2B CATI has a distinct advantage over online research as you can delve deeper into a respondent’s answer, avoiding something critical being overlooked in the interview, and therefore avoiding lost opportunities to improve specific services, products and more critically, insights that could help drive commercial outcomes.

We also have experience in conducting B2B telephone studies in a wide variety of sectors, including Retail, FMCG, Travel & Leisure, Telco, Financial Services, Fashion, Food & Drink, Automotive and Media. And all our B2B CATI interviewers go through specific sector training and are highly educated native speakers.


On all our projects we also offer quick turnaround translation for multi-country studies, programming of questionnaires, and data processing and analytics capabilities, if required.

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