Telephone Data Collection


“Guaranteeing a professional and intelligent approach when talking to customers.”


With many B2B markets and consumer groups being niche and made up of a small number of contacts, it is clear that CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviews) is the most suitable methodology in order to obtain the maximum coverage.


One of the key benefits of CATI, is that the results of each call can be heard and seen in real time, which allows the researchers to see the results live before the fieldwork is complete.


RED’s in-house CATI centre is managed by our highly experienced Operations Director and the Confirmit software platform that is used for mobile, online, and our CAPI surveys, is also used for our CATI surveys. We have real time tracking of completed interviews which enables us to ensure effective and timely quota management, and to help monitor and manage the best utilisation of available sample, whether sourced from one of our panel partners, or client supplied.


RED has extensive experience of conducting CATI interviews across a wide number of sectors, and with both consumer and business audiences. Our interviewers are all highly experienced and have worked in the industry for a number of years. They all abide by the industry standards, including IQCS and MRS. For every new CATI project, the interviewers receive a full face to face briefing prior to fieldwork commencing.


As well as Quantitative research, RED also has an elite team of CATI interviewers who solely work on Qualitative projects. These are individuals who have worked for the business for a number of years, and have transferred as a Quantitative interviewer to a specialist Qualitative interviewer. We can conduct tele-depths, and specialist recruitment using this elite team.

Our Telephone Data Collection Services


Obtaining high quality consumer insights from both major and niche markets.

Shopper Experience

Understanding customer expectations and the major trends in shopping habits.


Utilising highly experienced business-focused interviewers for a full range of verticals.


Obtaining feedback from the same respondents repeatedly over a period of time.

C-Suite CATI

Assigning C-Suite interviewers able to interview C-suite and business leaders effectively.

Customer Retention

Uncovering the nuts and bolts of repeat business and improving customer retention.

Custom Audiences

Matching specific interviewers to the specific characteristics of your brand’s audience.

Blended CATI

Matching specific CATI methods to the specific characteristics of your research project.

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