Quantitative Research


“Delivering results in a timely manner, and always striving for a simply better way.”


Engaging and respondent-friendly surveys are a key component to delivering high quality data outputs and insights. RED uses the leading survey platforms to script surveys of all types and research uses, which means our quantitative projects apply the very latest and most advanced techniques in the industry. This improves the respondent experience from a survey-taking perspective, which in turn improves the time and consideration they give to questions.


We have extensive experience in managing all types of quantitative and tracking studies including U&A, brand tracking, customer satisfaction research and segmentation projects. The types of quant surveys that we set up vary from simple routing style surveys to more complex conjoint surveys.


Our project management and scripting teams have a detailed knowledge of the entire range of survey options available, and are able to quickly tailor questionnaires to best suit the needs of a particular project.


RED is accredited to the ISO 27001 standard and our data is collected in our highly secure web servers, which are deployed to ensure that projects can run without interruption.

What We Deliver


Our quantitative research solution has a single purpose – to deliver and prompt audiences to engage with our surveys and obtain the highest quality of outputs and insights.

Audience Acquisition

We provide access to almost 30 million panelists in nearly 100 countries, our network of panel suppliers gives you an unlimited reach to diversely-represented audiences, consumers and business professionals.

Survey Programming

Our survey scripting team provides survey programming, survey data management, and survey outputs in various formats including scripting survey invites and conducting quality assurance of questionnaire design.

Fieldwork Management

We manage the complete end-to-end quantitative fieldwork process and a dedicated quant project manager will maximise the accuracy of responses and ensure respondent satisfaction with the research experience.

Data Processing & Outputs

Our reduced turnaround times leverage our quantitative and data expertise. Our team provides advanced technical capabilities, including tables design and weighting, offering a wide range of data output files.

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