Qualititative Research


“Providing you the richest, deepest possible data insights into your customers.”


Designing, implementing and managing a successful qualitative research project requires an understanding and awareness of consumer behaviours. This involves recruiting the best candidates to participate in the research process and this is why we have a dedicated team of recruiters and interviewers who have a long history of providing high quality recruitment and fieldwork.


Our holistic approach to qualitative fieldwork is supported by our extensive experience in a wide range of qualitative collection methods and we are specially adept at adapting our services to our clients’ needs, delivering customised solutions for the exploration of sensitive or complex research needs.


And providing exceptional customer service is at the core of what we do. Our team is experienced in private and public sector research for testing and evaluating new products and services as well as helping clients get the outputs they need to understand the attitudes and motivations of customers and consumers.

What We Deliver


We create for you an individually tailored Qualitative Research Solution that meets your specific project requirements and therefore delivers the results you need.


It means that we can combine two or more of our core qualitative research services to deliver integrated and customised outputs, making our qualitative data collection projects bespoke and more cost-effective.

Qual Respondents

We have an extensive global reach of both census representative qualitative respondents and specific target groups. Our team will source the right respondents and meet the right quotas for your research needs.

Qual Recruitment

Effective recruitment starts by matching your requirements. This is carried out by a dedicated team. A dedicated Account Manager and Project Manager is assigned to manage your recruitment needs from beginning to end.

Qual Fieldwork

We manage the entire qualitative fieldwork process for a wide variety of projects and clients. We have developed competencies and an intimate understanding of a vast variety of projects across every industry and with every qualitative method.

Qual Outputs

We deliver our qualitative outputs on spec and with a fast turn around. From transcription, translation, verbatim coding and video including editing and design, if required - all tailored to the differing needs and priorities of a project.

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