Segmentation Studies

Our market, consumer and customer segmentation surveys integrate a wide range of variables, including demographics, behaviours, and attitudes. We can deliver any type of segmentation study and provide analytical capabilities using a combination of experience in survey design and statistical method expertise, such as choice-based analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis and multivariate regression.


The main objective is to help our clients reach the customers who most need or value their products or services, identifying a target market by grouping customers with common characteristics. The result are data outputs and actionable insights that can be used to develop more effective marketing strategies and tactics to reach the right audiences.

We offer survey design consultation to ensure the outputs deliver an understanding of how a market is segmented, which segments offer the greatest potential opportunity, how brands and products are currently aligned or how to improve a specific product or service.


Our segmentation surveys are primarily needs-based or attitudinal and typically use a choice-based segmentation approach that aim to better describe segments in a particular market, industry or category.


We also recommend qualitative research – whether focus groups and / or in-depth interviews – as an initial step in this type of segmentation. Thus, we can grasp the full breadth and depth of market attitudes towards a particular category of products and services.

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