Online Surveys

Our expert in-house team designs and scripts interactive online surveys that drive consumer and professional audience participation.


We handle all programming and design requirements to ensure a better user experience of the survey, optimising the design to make them suitable for cross-platform data collection – allowing respondents to access online surveys on all screen sizes.


Surveys need to be interactive to engage participants, increasing engagement and gaining deeper insights to question answers. So all our surveys can be customised to include imagery as needed and can be tailored to a clients branding specifications.


Our survey platform allows you to build powerful surveys with complex routing options leveraging a wide range of question types, advanced branching and flow logic, respondent quotas, survey triggers, customer red flags, question randomisation, and many more advanced features that allow building sophisticated online surveys. With a fully integrated platform we are able to quickly access respondents via email and website pop-ups, providing quick access to survey responses and data. As well as being able to monitor survey completion which allow us to track progress, monitor quotas, and view respondent data as its being collected.

For multinational studies, we have multilingual capabilities, spanning all languages, several of which can be assigned to a single survey and the data can be collected in the same dataset or integrated with multiple data sets, providing a faster turnaround of data outputs on multinational studies.


We also provide analytical capabilities using a combination of experience in survey design and statistical method expertise, so our surveys can include statistical methods such as choice-based analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis and multivariate regression.


Our consultative approach to online fieldwork means that we can support our clients through the entire survey process including; review and consultation on sample acquistion and questionnaire design, survey programming, translation and data processing.

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