Online Portals

We offer multifunctional online research portals for facilitation of online simulation-based research and the use of the research portals enables clients to simplify and streamline the management of online research studies and programmes.


Most importantly, we configure them to our clients specification and the portal features can be easily tailored to create unique experiences based on specific research needs and requirements. The features offer the possibility of obtaining quantitative and qualitative insight at the click of a button, collecting individual feedback on lifestyles and experiences and engaging respondents to obtain the feedback and ideas on their own terms.


Our online portals offer flexibility in design and features including custom branding, sample and participant control, flexible recruitment options, full messaging capabilities, content sharing and international capabilities allowing the possiblity of running multi-country research portals.

The key features of our online portals include sharing ad concepts, graphics, videos or other content with respondents, allowing on screen annotation, backroom chat functions, video or photo uploads and live polling, including integrated survey functionality. This includes the ability to sequence chains of quant / qual / web / mobile research tasks with participants, allowing them to move between set tasks based on pre-set triggers and in-the-moment data.


From building a community portal, survey portal or short term B2B advisory panel, our online platform can be tailored to a small community of participants of say 50-100 business professionals, permanent spaces of 500 or more consumers, and everything in between.

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