Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Unhappy customers will vote with their wallet and give a company less business, and move to another brand, product or service. Dissatisfied customers can have an enormous impact on a business and at RED we aim to help our clients to retain their customers.


RED undertakes many customer satisfaction and NPS projects that measure customer satisfaction across various consumer and professional industries. Our surveys help to identify specific customer satisfaction levels across the full product and services range offered by our clients. This can include everything from appraising customer satisfaction with a new product or store service levels, right through to loyalty programme feedback, customer facing staff satisfaction. We also measure perceptions of specific experiences such as purchase, product fulfillment and delivery, and even ascertaining and gaining insights into future purchase intentions.

We assign dedicated Quantitative Project Managers who have multi-sector experience in the set up and running of best-in-class Customer Satisfaction Surveys and their primary role is ensure that CSAT surveys run in an efficient and effective manner, delivering survey outputs on time and to a high quality standard. Our survey platform allows for complex routing options for questionnaires and surveys can be branded to any specification, providing maximum design and layout choices. We can brand surveys to comply with a clients’ brand guidelines and for mobile respondents, our online surveys have a mobile responsive design, automatically adjusting to a respondent’s mobile browser.


After collection and collation of your customer satisfaction data into our survey platform, we can provide data outputs in various file and tabulation formats and we tailor our data outputs according to the specification and requirements specified at the beginning of a project.

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