Customer Experience Surveys

Measuring Customer Experience means tracking trends in the highs and lows of customer satisfaction levels on an on-going basis. And to improve Customer Experience you need to measure what matters to customers. Because ultimately, that’s what improves customer experience – the ability of an organisation to understand the wants and needs of its customers, and deliver on them. Our Customer Experience surveys are an important part of this process, allowing research teams and internal stakeholders to gather and analyse research insights from different customers, all at once.


RED has a wealth of experience in designing and implementing customer experience surveys across a range of markets to benchmark an organisation’s performance. There are many variables to customer experience from price and quality to purchase experience, usage experience, after purchase service and repeat purchase service. Each of which can be analysed in significant detail depending on the nature of the product and service sector, the relationship between the consumer and the company and competitor activity.

Our in-depth knowledge of customer experience best-practices allows us to design and implement targeted and results-driven surveys for our clients. We not only conduct the surveys on your behalf, but also deliver data outputs in multiple file formats.


The most effective customer experience surveys are designed in consultation with our clients and include providing advice on sampling methods and quotas, sample acquisition, best practice survey design to improve complete rates and delivering fit-for-purpose data outputs in a variety of file formats.

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