Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) provide both behaviourial ethnographic, and qualitative approaches to gaining insights from both consumer and business audiences.


RED‘s MROC approach to building communities provides distinct advantages for researchers as we focus not only on the size and reach of these communities, but also on their depth, breadth, speed at which insights are delivered and their cost-effectiveness.


We help clients cover a wider demographic and geographic base of participants, helping to uncover insights on a range of topics, such as new product features or service satisfaction and experience.

Our aim is to build engaged communities that help to obtain more feedback and opinions. This provides a cost-effective method to gain new insights over other online methods as it reduces set-up and respondent recruitment costs for conducting new studies.


As with focus groups or depth interviews, MROCs are a great prelude to quantitative research studies, customer experience surveys, and other quantitative studies. Being applicable to both B2C and B2B research – they are also especially useful in the early phases of strategy and marketing decision-making.

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