Brand Tracking Studies

Our brand tracking services allow you to keep up with market trends that evolve and change rapidly over time. From measuring consumer perceptions to competitor activity, we are in a unique position to help you reach your target audiences, gain a better understanding of your brand, the competitive landscape and changes in the market.


With our brand tracking survey services, you can get information on the current marketing position of your brand, the factors driving your brand value, the performance of leading brand drivers over time and the value of your brand’s performance to financial results. You can target a specific audience and set up a recurring monthly or quarterly survey to maintain an index over time. Monitoring key attributes of Awareness and Use, Attitudes, Perceptions and Purchase Intention. Always staying connected with the opinions of consumers and customers to help maintain the value of your brand.

When setting up your tracker, it’s important that you have clear segments to track in mind; and RED can help evaluate the target segment sample acquisiton strategy and brand elements that interest you most, from launching, changing or testing new ads, to obtaining information about specific products or services.


Our survey scripting platform covers a wide variety of questionnaire and routing options, that enable asking consumers the right questions about new advertising ideas for quick and reliable feedback, measuring whether ad messaging is clear and compelling, influencing intent to purchase or test the overall creativity of the ads themselves. We also offer A/B test features so you can compare the results of multiple ad versions and tailor the survey to meet your insight needs.

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