Mobile Surveys

The advantages of mobile surveys over online are clear. Mobile surveys are the fastest way to tap into the opinions of mobile consumers anywhere and on any device. Our mobile surveys give respondents a more clean, easy to use and branded survey no matter what mobile device they’re using.


Mobile response rates are higher and samples are easier to field. Smartphones have GPS technology, which means panel location is now verifiable. With the ability to take pictures as well as record audio/video, mobile surveys are more precise, more accurate and offer consumers new ways to share their feedback. But most exciting of all is mobile surveys’ access to consumers who were previously difficult or impossible to reach.

We also pay special attention to mobile survey design as respondents need new question types that work with both fingers and that make full use of the tactile nature of mobile devices. Our mobile surveys detects the user’s device and adapts to serve the user a great looking survey that fits perfectly to the screen to show the client’s brand in the best light. Our surveys automatically show an appropriate question type to fit the device – so the infinite scroll of matrix questions in a mobile are removed.


Our technology can also red-flag situations based on parameters you have determined as important and alert you as soon as a particular event / response has occurred. We can also pre-load data from your database into our data systems so respondents no longer have to respond to demographic questions. With this feature mobile surveys stay short and response rates stay high.

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