Mobile-On-The-Go targets customers during their shopping experience so we can gain greater insights, knowledge, and understanding of their shopping experience during the actual moment of purchase or engagement. This research provides a more robust customer response as the customer can share and describe their immediate perceptions, attitudes and questions about a product, service, or activity without having to wait for later recall and reporting from memory.


The benefits are more exacting engagement with customers and being as close to the actual in-person interaction experience as possible. This provides true and clear perspectives that were not previously possible without today’s mobile technology. Mobile-On-The-Go customers are able to use a variety of mobile devices to both verbally and visually share their experience, providing our clients with true “on the go” response for the richest insights possible.

Respondents can fill out a survey or report their findings during and after their experiences. They can also take real time photos or video of their trips. The possibilities with Mobile-On-The-Go research are virtually limitless.


Mobile-On-The-Go helps clients understand the shopping experience from a shopper’s perspective. We can send respondents out on assignment and have them use mobile technology to communicate what they notice, what they consider, how they decide, and what they experience. From ad-hoc virtual shop-alongs or as part of a path to purchase study, we help clients evaluate the shoppers’ experience as it’s happening. Mobile-On-The-Go technology enhances the information we gather from shopper missions.

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