Mobile Research – IVR & SMS Surveys

One way to obtain direct feedback from customers is for call centre agents to conduct post-call surveys. This can be helpful, but also time consuming for the call centre teams and introduces response bias as most customers will hesitate to give agents negative feedback. With Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and automated SMS surveys we can deliver simple, single or multi-question SMS surveys to respondents or direct them to online-mobile surveys. It’s one of the fastest ways to receive invaluable customer feedback by return text message or voice capture.


Gaining customer feedback through an SMS survey has traditionally been the domain of large, expensive technology-driven services. Now, with our IVR & SMS survey data collection service, you can re-direct customers quickly to online or mobile surveys, invite participants by text, and view and analyse participant feedback online. With IVR surveys you can pre-record automated questions where the customer or respondent responds vocally to questions or types numerical responses using their phone keypad.

There are various uses for IVR surveys which are suited best for specific touchpoints, customer journeys and sectors. From retail or food service locations, as part of an online or offline transaction, at the beginning of specific inbound calls (e.g. customer service and support calls) or as a call centre follow-up with a live representative soliciting participation in a survey, followed by a call transfer to the automated survey once the customer agrees. There are various methods for inbound and post-call IVR surveys, all useful methodologies to help provide context for the survey request or the survey content.


Well-constructed IVR & SMS surveys are easier to analyse and interpret and therefore offer more meaningful data. A great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers and enhancing the quality of service you provide.

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