Mobile Research – App Surveys

Today’s research participants are increasingly looking to take surveys on mobile devices. App Surveys allow you to tap into what respondents are thinking instantly with a pre-installed survey app. It allows for the publishing of in-app surveys, access user opinions, information and feedback in an easy and convenient way. Plus, as smartphones become more advanced, mobile apps open up access to new types of data and information so insights become richer, deeper and more meaningful.


We work with our online panel providers to provide a mobile app that engages survey takers, specifically recruited via their mobile panels, across all platforms and device types: iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and Android phone. Users can be recruited and take surveys all directly from their device.

You can survey app users at specific times or trigger them when people take specific actions in your app. And if you need to edit or make changes to your survey, it updates in your app automatically without having to resubmit to the various app stores.


App Surveys are a great way to gather insights from respondents in an immediate way. Reaching out to the right audience at the right time, straight to their device, is a critical part in conducting in-app surveys. Because it’s important to be able to target respondents without having to rely on email notifications during their specific user journey or current activity status.

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