Mobile Data Collection


“The Smart Way To Collect Survey Data.”


Whether shopping, dining, at work, or travelling, it is very apparent that people are sharing their views, opinions, photos, videos, stories, and moments that are important to them. These moments are what define the things that matter to them. In order to better understand these customers, businesses need to adapt and identify new methods of observing and listening. Mobile research gives business’s access into the everyday lives of people around the world.


Mobile research enables researchers to listen to the actual voice of the customer whilst they are in the moment. It has the ability for people to communicate what is happening at any and every moment.


Researchers are continuously looking for, and demanding, faster access to the voice of the customer data. At RED we use our in-house suite of technologies to reach and deliver insights at a moment’s notice.


We have partnered with one of the largest international mobile panel providers, Research Now, enabling RED to provide international coverage, quickly, and cost effectively, whilst maintaining our stringent quality procedures, and data security.


As well as conducting mobile surveys, we also utilise the mobile panel by sending them specific tasks to complete over a short period of time, cost effectively, and enabling mass coverage. These tasks include brand audits, point of sale compliance, mystery shopping, store layouts etc. To find out more please visit our STOREWORKS tab, alternatively go to

Our Mobile Data Collection Services

Mobile Surveys

Mobile-friendly surveys to gather responses through smartphones and tablets.


Collect the insights on the go. Surveys delivered directly to respondents’ mobile devices.

App Surveys

Capture the data that matters to you anywhere using a managed survey mobile app.


Capture your audience’s voice and feedback through multiple voice telephony channels.

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