User Experience Testing

RED conducts user-centred testing studies to evaluate user experiences with products, gadgets, mobile devices and websites by way of one-off or ongoing user tests that explore which features or for example, website areas need refinement or improvement.


Our user tests are designed and planned to fit ongoing product development processes or as a way to identify improvements in design, functionality, usability and accesibility.


Our studies can be conducted in specially designed testing spaces, for example when eye tracking is required for website UX testing, and can be set up in client locations to reflect either commercial or domestic settings.

We tailor our UX testing to our clients’ needs, beginning with a workshop to understand what the objectives of the testing are and applying our experience to advise on the most effective way to achieve the agreed objectives of the research.


We can apply different methods to the testing process from testing in-lab, in-home, in-store or at on-site locations where products are generally being used. This includes conducting competitor research, taking competitor products and comparing these to our clients products, evaluating everything from speed of use, subjective and objective quality and satisfaction.

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