Product Testing

We conduct and advise clients on which product testing methods are best suited to their specific products.


When designing a new product or developing an existing one, we adopt adopt a flexible approach to product innovation testing, integrating neuroscience techniques and sensory profiling to maximise the richness of the findings , helping our clients make the best product development and marketing decisions.


We help measure the properties and performance of products against business expectations, monitor the potential threat levels posed by competitive products, help reduce costs of product formulations and/or processing methods, iImplicitly measure the effects of price, brand name, or packaging upon perceived product performance/quality and obtain insights for research and development team to help them create new products or upgrade existing ones.

Depending on the product, the target audience or market, we offer different types of product testing approaches, from co-creation workshops, product benchmarking, product concept testing and testing of the products themselves pre-launch.


We have seen our clients launch products both within the UK and globally as a result of their product testing studies. We work with clients to form long term partnerships and we are specially adept at inmmersing ourselves with our clients products to ensure that our studies deliver the most reliable and insightful data collection outputs.


Our experience of category and product development helps to guide clients as to what is really important, what does and doesn’t work and ultimately improves the overall product development process.

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