RED conducts observational research in a variety of methods, ranging from detached observation with no participation from the observers to getting the observers to fully engage with a specific retail experience. We provide a range of options to clients so that they can choose the right approach depending on the research goals and objectives.


We also provide the ability to quantify observational findings and though observational insights are typically associated with qualitative research, we help quantify and code the frequency of set behaviours made by consumers and employees to get a better understanding about the frequency of specific attitudes and actions.


To provide reliability and validity of observations, we always recommend our clients to consider having multiple independent researchers observe and code their notes. By using amulti-observer approach, it gives clients a way to contrast differing perspectives which help make observational findings more trustworthy and reliable.

Examples of our most recent observational studies include measuring the footfall of shoppers entering stores, or window-shopping without entering, consumers’ eye movements looking at a display layout and even measuring the volume of car traffic in retail parks.


Our data collection outputs can be delivered in a reporting format detailing all the behaviours observed, or coded according to specific scalings which are based on specific groups of behaviours and actions.

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