Mystery Shopping

RED helps clients in their quality improvement initiatives by way of mystery shopping studies. We provide clients essential insights to aid the improvement of products, services, or customer service practices.


Our mystery shopping fieldforce can engage with both consumers and employees and extract valuable insights into the perceived levels of quality and service level.


We cover many observational points of interest including evaluating service times and delivery speed, the number of customer service staff and their behaviour, their knowledge regarding different questions and issues, their compliance with company policies and procedures, and the adherence to store POS positioning and product placement.

We develop the mystery shopping appproach with our clients and define a set of specific tasks and assignments for the mystery shoppers to follow including making purchases, asking questions, lodging complaints, observing employee behaviour, or carry out specific behaviours to evoke certain reactions to view employee-customer handling and issue resolution.

We can conduct mystery shopping studies in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, banks and even movie theaters, or other retail locations which form part of a retail network.


We instruct all our mystery shoppers on how to conduct the shopping evaluation in detail and provide them with a complete description of tasks that they need to perform, including performing tasks wiithin set time limits and timing points.


At the conclusion of all our mystery shopping evaluations, our mystery shoppers are required to fill out an online questionnaire to report on their findings and this gives clients access to the results quickly and efficiently. If requested, we can also provide a partial or complete video or audio recording of the mystery shop to get a richer insight into the mystery shopping experience.

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