In Street

With our national team of highly skilled interviewers, we provide in-street interviewing services ensuring feedback and opinions from a representative sample of consumers. Our interviewers are highly trained and proficient at probing the attitudes and opinions of consumers we ensures that the data we collect is accurate and actionable.


As well as being able to conduct street interviews, other forms of locations are available to clients such as interviewing, at shopping centres, travel terminals, at events such as the cinema, conferences, shows or exhibitions. And as well as consumers, we can also target business audiences in specific city locations and business ‘hubs’.

We develop our in-street interview approach together with our clients and this gives us flexibility to recommend specific techniques such as using visual aids and product samples to encourage consumers to provide their feedback on new products and features.


Our data collection methods and platforms allow us to provide outputs and insights in a guaranteed timescale, and our reporting and dashboarding platforms can be configured to present the data to the specification that best suits clients as well as providing all the outputs in various formats.

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