In Store

RED has successfully provided wide ranging in-store insights to our clients into how shoppers make purchase decisions and given them access to insights that have directly resulted in differentiated retailer and manufacturer improvements.


We believe that in-store studies can help bring immediate boost to store sales by applying a “simply better” store experience thus avoiding in part having to rely on expensive above-the-line advertising to boost shopper conversion.

We conduct in-store, as well as store audits, at retail locations and are able to provide portable eye-tracking technology, which enable clients to uncover shelf-search habits and the effectiveness of POS materials. By combining the eye-tracking data with qualitative interviews, clients can discover what really makes a difference to the consumer in-store shopping experience.


Our reporting team can also provide clients with the most appropriate and actionable reporting methods, such as using online dashboards, which give clients almost quickly accessible insights on customer behaviour towards products, competitive insights, in-store customer experience, in-store messaging awareness and impact, as well as purchase habits and attitudes.

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