In Home

RED has an experienced team of highly skilled in-home interviewers and recruiters who work in accordance with the Market Research Society’s (MRS) code of conduct, and our supervisor-led interviewers are adept at conducting in-home interviews with consumers.


The benefits of in-home research is that we are able to interview consumers in their real life environment, and helps clients see the usual life of a consumer through their our own eyes, thus effectively being able to analyse their actual usage of products and services and their preception behind them.

We work with clients to develop the in-home session approach and if respondents need to complete a task or test a product for future follow-up, appointments can be made with respondents for follow-up interviews in-home or over the telephone within an agreed timescale.


We offer full recruitment and sample sourcing services. Sampling can be carried out in specified areas of towns and cities or on a random selection basis across specified regions. We leverage our network of panel providers to give clients access to all types of consumer audiences, and therefore product testers, that can help evaluate the in-home experience of a wide variety of products and services.

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