In Hall

RED offers in-hall testing for a wide-range of clients. We conduct products tests, taste tests and packaging tests before those specific products go into market, conducting usage and attitude testing, or benchmarking current products against their competitors.


Our expertise in this area means we can advise clients on the best in-hall testing method and we can advise on specific respondent tasks to ensure statistical reliability and confidence that lack bias.


We also manage the whole recruitment and venue hire process. Respondents can be street-recruited if the target audience is easy to source, or pre-recruited in case random recruitment is hardly feasible due to target features.

We recommend this approach as it is a very cost-effective way of conducting this specific type of testing as it does not require alloting a huge amount of budget to the study, since it will just take a short period of time to acquire opinion and insights from a large number of respondents.


Our data collection and questionnaire feedback can be self-fulfilled or administered by an interviewer digitally. All data is recorded using CAPI-enabled tablets or laptops and uploaded directly to our cloud platforms or if required, analysed in-house by our analytics team.

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