Exit Interviews

We conduct exit interviews to track the in-store on-the-day experience for many leading retailers. Our interviews take place in a sample of stores and we gather feedback and thoughts of both buyers and non-buyers.


Shoppers and non-shoppers are interviewed using a structured questionnaire as they leave testing locations e.g. a store, shop or coffee shop. They are conducted straight after the store experience, and we aim to profile respondents as well as gage the perceptions across key attributes and drivers such as price, quality, customer service, promotions on offer and the wider product range.


We interview a representative sample of shoppers/ non-shoppers and our interviewers conduct the interview to the exact format of the questionnaire design.

We generally limit exit interviews to ideally 8-10 minutes to ensure that respondents are prepared to be stopped and be interviewed. We also spread our interviews over specific trading weeks, dates and season – and in approximate proportion with the footfall pattern of our clients’ stores.


We use state-of-art hand held devices allowing interview answers to be collated and uploaded to our survey platform in real-time. And our interviewers are experienced in probing for the insights our clients are looking for, from measuring the impact of in-store promotions to visitor experiences and satisfaction.


RED provides access to a UK-based fieldwork team of highly skilled interviewers, but through our partners, we are able to carry out exit interviews across different cities, regions and locations.


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