Depth Interviews

RED‘s proffesional team of depth interviewers provide a deep dive into a particular topic and can guide recruited participants through the questions our clients most want answered.


We carry out our interviews on a personal one-to-one basis, remotely at a facility of the client’s choice, or via telephone. Whether just gathering thoughts and opinions or testing out a product or service, our interviewers personalise their approach to gain insight into a specific respondents’ needs and attitudes.


We cover the whole interview process from recruiting respondents, through to interview design, analysis and data processing. RED is equipped to fully conduct depth interview fieldwork from start to finish.


For hard-to-reach business interviews, we can manage all the planning and scheduling process to save clients time and fieldwork management headaches.

Our interviewers are also trained to draw out the views of respondents and they prepare prior to each interview by researching the issues before the depth interview takes place. This allows them to probe further into any comments made, should that be necessary.


We also record discussion with respondents, after obtaining the permission of the respondent to do so, which then allows clients and researchers to include verbatim quotations to illustrate the views expressed.


We regularly recruit and conduct depth interviews for a broad range of private and public sector clients. And we also have capabilities to conduct international depth interviews.


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