Accompanied Shops & Intercepts

Accompanied shops are a highly effective method of face-to-face research analysis and helps to understand the consumer’s buying behaviour.


We offer various methods of accompanied shopping, from pre-recruited shoppers to intercepts, and our accompanied shops can cover the whole store experience, or a specific area, fixture or Point-of-Sale (POS) location.


Our interviewers ‘shadow’ shoppers to see and understand their experience first-hand covering the how and why a person shops in a particular way. Intercepts are slightly different in that the consumer is not pre-recruited and is instead recruited on-the-spot at the store. Inercepts will generally last 15 minutes in duration as opposed to 40-60 minutes for a pre-recruited accompanied shop.

The key areas of focus in our studies is to better understand and observe the products a shopper is drawn to, how they navigate the store, how they observe and interact with promotions, and how they use and interact with the staff at the store.


We also gather insights into the key elements that influence shopper’s purchase decisions – position on fixture, colour and pack design, on pack messaging etc. By asking additional on-the-spot questions we gather additional insight into their unconscious decision making process. This is often followed by a “sit down” depth interview, which gives time to explore further.


We offer a wide range of options and can conduct accompanied shops and intercepts in any retail setting from grocery stores, phone shops, clothing stores, electronics stores and even car dealerships.

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