Face to Face Data Collection


“Providing you access to one of the largest field forces in the UK”


Despite the rise in popularity of online and mobile surveys, face to face interviewing is still one of the most popular data collection methods.


The clear advantages of this methodology is the accurate screening of respondents, so quotas on things such as age, gender, and race, are validated at the start. The interview is conducted in the moment, whether in-street, in-home, or in-situ, so the responses are in real time. Interviewers are also able to aid the respondent with anything that require clarity and build a rapport, free from technical distractions. Another critical advantage of face to face is the ability to reach a nationally representative audience that mobile and online research are not able to do.


RED has a UK wide field force of over 500 interviewers, managed by 15 regional supervisors. The field force are all DBS checked, and are all experienced in this method before they join our team. We abide by the industry codes of practice, including IQCS and MRS, as well as our own stringent quality checks, including 20% back checking (industry norm is 10%,) and we provide the field force with regular training updates to ensure they maintain the right calibre of interviewer to represent RED and our clients in the field.


With the rapid technological enhancements, RED has invested in the latest CAPI technology which has a multitude of benefits; allowing for a smoother flow through questionnaires, the ability to show imagery and videos, and the most fundamental benefit has been access to the data in real time.


RED conducts over 40,000 face to face interviews on an annual basis, from short specific exit surveys to in-depth in-home interviews, central location tests, and home usage tests.

Our Face to Face Data Collection Services


Store tours (if required) with simultaneous depth interviewing and data collection.

In Hall

Full-service hall testing – venue hire, screener development and stimuli evaluation.

Mystery Shopping

Measuring compliance, sales effectiveness and shopper or buyer experience.

Depth Interviews

Delivering insights on products, advertisement, services, concepts, ideas, or packaging.

In Home

Conducting comprehensive in home sessions combined with observational insights.


Covering shopper and non-shopper footfall, behaviours and eye movements.

Exit Interviews

Providing strict hiring criteria advice with in-house scheduling and performance tracking.

In Store

Providing information on the placement of ads, promotions and products (inc. pricing).

Product Testing

Covering initial assessment of concepts through to product usage, packaging and advertising.

Focus Groups

Full-service focus group planning including viewing facility selection and management.

In Street

Experienced street interviewing with visual aid and product sample utilisation (if required).

UX Testing

For assessing and improving the performance of products, devices and websites.

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