Data Processing & Analytics


“Delivering data that is trusted, accurate and actionable.”


RED is a pioneer in mixed-mode data processing and analytics solutions. We are one of the first agencies to provide clients with quick turn-around data processing capabilities with scalable and advanced analytics to correlate and contextualise insights.


Our in-house analytics team have a wide range of approaches and techniques to help translate quantitative data into meaningful and actionable insights that can drive decision-making. We cater for a wide variety of research analytics techniques including choice modelling, conjoint analysis and price sensitivity questioning.


We also apply rigorous data quality assurance standards and our experience in coding and data tabulation allows us to provide clients with outputs to meet any specification. All our data is verified ensuring accuracy and data confidence.


We understand the need to build a relationship with your data and work with you to develop high quality code-frames or outputs to meet the needs of your project.

What We Deliver


Our expert team delivers state-of-the-art data processing and analytics capabilities for a rich and complex understanding of data using complex multi-segment, longitudinal and choice-modelling techniques.


Our analysts have developed mathematical and statistical models that integrate research methodology and objectives, data collection and analytics methods the help deliver actionable insights.

Data Integration

We apply data integration techniques for advanced profiling, cleansing, matching and data quality. Unifiying data sets to allow easy management of data outputs to simplify data modelling and analysis.

Data Modelling

We develop and apply innovative data modelling techniques using mathematical and statistical methods to generate 'analysis-ready' outputs that also integrate historical marketing & customer data.

Data Analysis

We employ a range of exploratory and analytical statistical techniques including experimental design, regression modelling, multivariate methods, cluster analysis and multi-dimensional scaling.

Data Outputs

We offer flexibility in the delivery of raw data and outputs following data output specifications that best suits our clients and we deliver these in multiple file formats (e.g. SPSS, SAS, Excel, etc.) and tabulation designs.

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