Blended Research


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Blended fieldwork incorporates more than one method of data collection into the research, combining common methods such as online, mobile, CATI and CAPI.


There are a number of benefits of a blended methodology, especially in an age of increasing demands for quicker turnarounds and lower costs:


Increasing response rates; respondents want more flexibility and choice when it comes to completing a market research survey
Gaining a wider reach; the ability to reach those in their 20’s via mobile or online, and utilising CATI for senior citizens
Cost effective; maximising the sample and the opportunities to capture the different audiences quickly
Time efficient; methods can be run concurrently to manage quotas


A further example of how blended data collection is beneficial, is when attempting to reach senior B2B respondents. In some cases of B2B data collection it is more likely that we can access the views of senior respondents on the telephone rather than online, however there will also be those that have a preference to complete the survey online in their own time. This is where blended data collection comes into its own, enabling us to access the maximum number of respondents using dual methodology techniques.


RED conducts all modes of data collection using our highly sophisticated Confirmit software platform, this means we are able to blend the different methodologies together, dependent on the audience we are trying to reach.

Blended Data Collection Services

'One Stop Shop' Management

Offering access to our full range of services, ensuring that your projects are operationally efficient, cost effective and have a genuine focus on quality and delivery. We also provide a dedicated account manager and fieldwork support.

Qual and Quant Fieldwork

Managing your integrated quantitative and qualitative research projects to offer a robust approach to fieldwork data collection and integration. This service also includes audience acquisition and recruitment.

Data Processing and Analytics

We provide a wide range of data processing services including data cleansing, verbatim coding, data weighting, custom SPSS tables and data analysis (e.g. conjoint/choice analysis, MaxDiff analysis, regression analysis, perceptual mapping, etc.).

Reporting and Dashboards

Our bespoke reporting and dashboarding services provide automated production of PowerPoint, Excel and PDF presentations. We also work with technology partners to integrate your project data with specialist dashboarding solutions.

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