Data you can trust. And people who care.

We believe what sets us apart from others is our commitment to working in partnership with our clients, ensuring what we do is of a constantly high level, and delivers data that they can trust.


We work across a variety of sectors, including Retail, FMCG, Leisure and Tourism, Food and Drink, Financial Service, and The Public Sector. We have traditional and digital solutions tailored specifically for each of these sectors, for example STOREWORKS which gives Retail and FMCG clients access to customer and store level insights, quickly, cost effectively, with vast coverage.


We continuously invest in new digital solutions, and in 2017 we launched our smartphone app, giving us access to 100,000’s of people across the world.


Our data collection services

Mobile Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


We provide a state-of-the-art mobile data collection service that includes Mobile-On-The-Go, App-based and IVR-SMS surveys.

Online Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


From customer satisfaction surveys to complex choice modelling, we cover all methods of online research fieldwork.

Face to Face Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection

Face to Face

Our highly experienced field force specialise in knowing how to find, approach and speak to people in-person and in any location.

Telephone Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


Whether a CATI consumer study or interviewing hard to reach senior B2B audiences – we ensure high complete rates.

Blended Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


We provide a mixed-mode data collection service to ensure an integrated approach to delivering all your data output needs.

Qualitative Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


We help our clients immerse themselves in conversations with their customers from all walks of life, from consumer to business audiences.

Quantitative Research | RED - Experts in Data Collection


We specialise in providing a customised quant solution through a consistent delivery of quantitative data and high quality outputs.

Data Analytics | RED - Experts in Data Collection

Data Analytics

We manage a wide range of data analytics projects, helping you turn complex datasets into easy-to-understand actionable insights.

Dashboarding & Reporting | RED - Experts in Data Collection


We design dashboards that focus attention on key business drivers, actionable outcomes and the ability to make key business decisions.

STOREWORKS | RED - Experts in Data Collection


STOREWORKS delivers cost-effective retail marketing data and insights to help retailers engage with different shopper audiences.

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