Case study: Pizza Hut

The Brief

Pizza Hut started serving new side dishes in a few of their restaurants, including French Fries and onion rings. They had two different ways of cooking them with implications for the business depending on which way they were cooked (cost, investment in equipment, efficiency etc.).  They needed to find out if there was an impact on quality using the two different methods.

Our Approach

 We focused on undertaking a two-stage test of customers who ordered French Fries and onion rings to assess the quality of their purchase. This required us to discuss the cooking options so that we could ensure the best data collection method to make the correct commercial decision.

Data Collection Methods

Our data collection methods focused on in-situ restaurant interviews in the UK.

x40 In-situ Restaurant Pre-Interviews
x40 In-situ Restaurant Post-Interviews
Data Processing & PowerPoint Output Results

What We Delivered

The test was carried out on consecutive Friday evenings and Saturdays. One week was cooking method A and the second-week cooking method B.

The incidence of guests ordering these dishes was 15%, so this had an impact on the number of surveys we were able to complete.

We conducted 6 four hour interviewer shifts across the two weekends and completed 40 pre and 40 post surveys in each restaurant with guests who ordered and consumed French Fried and onion rings.

The data provided Pizza Hut with the insight they needed to make a commercial decision over which cooking method to use across the entire estate.


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