Case study: McDonald’s

The Brief

McDonald’s wanted to understand what the reaction was to a new flavour Milkshake and obtain useful data on what its customers really want.

Our Approach

We used a Buyer Reaction Survey (BRS) across a number of restaurants, ensuring a sufficiently good regional spread, and covering a sample size of 150.  All interviewing was conducted through self-completion at the point of consumption/ purchase and was focused on buyers of the product under review.

Data Collection Methods

Our data collection methods focused on in-situ restaurant interviews in the UK.

x150 In-situ Restaurant Recruitment
x40-50 In-situ Restaurant Interviews Per Restaurant
Data Processing & PowerPoint Output Results

What We Delivered

To ensure a sufficiently good spread of region, we conducted the research across 3-4 restaurants.  With a total sample of 150, that meant between 40-50 interviews per restaurant.

Questionnaire included:

  • Reason for purchase / Influencing factors for purchase
  • How bought / What else bought
  • When made decision to buy milkshake / What usually buy
  • Frequency of visiting McDonald’s / Frequency of milkshake purchase
  • Normal location for consumption / Normal flavour(s) consumption

The research was used to ascertain whether there was a market for the new flavour milkshake.


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