Case study: Leading Food Retailer

The Brief

One of our clients, a leading food retailer,  wanted to identify reasons for non-shopping, attraction to the competition and explore what should be fed into a customer acquisition strategy.

Our Approach

We selected 24 stores from store estate based on a number of criteria and opted for a street interviewing methodology. The face-to-face interviews where conducted in close proximity to the stores to identify and understand the reasons why people do not visit or shop at our client’s stores.

Data Collection Methods

Our data collection methods utilised face-to-face street interviewing.

Screening and quotas of non-shoppers vs. shoppers
Face-to-face street interviews of Convenience vs. Supermarket shoppers/non-shoppers
Data processing & PowerPoint output results

What We Delivered

We conducted SEVEN minute face-to-face street interviews in close proximity to the stores with non-customers. Each store ‘area’ was visited twice, once during the week and once on the weekend, to cover different shopping mission needs and types of customer.


Aged 16+ who live and/ or work in the area (for longer than 3 months)

Aware of our the client’s food store ‘down the road’

Never or not having shopped at the store for at least 3 months

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