Case study: Leading Energy Drink Brand

The Brief

Our client was looking for a partner to help them understand how to broaden the appeal of its brand and how this aligns in the minds of consumers on different purchase and consumption occasions.

The core objective for the delivery of this project was having a reliable partner with strong data collection and processing.

Our Approach

As with similar large tracking studies which RED manages, the data collection was conducted using online / CAWI interviews. This included being able to provide nationally representative sample for all quotas as well as conducting the research with an even spread of interviews throughout the fieldwork period. This required close management of sample and quotas to ensure our client had regular and reliable data to analyse.

Data Collection Methods

Our data collection method was exclusively online / CAWI.

Supplying Nationally Representative Sample
Providing A Varied Set of Quotas and Monthly Completion Rates
Monthly Set of Tables and SPSS Files

What We Delivered

We supplied and interviewed consumers with a complex set of demographic quotas (age, sex, topography, education, employment type, social classes, etc.) to take part in the research for a total of 52 weeks.  Our team handled all sample and survey management (inc. scripting and coding) as well as providing monthly customised tables and SPSS files.


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