Case study: B&Q

The Brief

B&Q wanted to understand how customers build up their assessment of ‘value’ at a brand and product level as well as the ’levers’ (price, range, quality, promotion, service, convenience etc.) available will be most effective in influencing customer purchasing behaviour.

Our Approach

To help B&Q understand how to communicate and deliver its value proposition in different categories, we first needed to understand the rational and emotional elements of this exchange. We needed to help them measure (quantify) these elements to understand the relationship between these elements, including their relative importance and influence. We focused on a mixed methodology approach using both qualitative and quantitative methods. This included in-home filmed depth interviews, organising open dialogue workshops and a follow-up online quant survey.

Data Collection Methods

Our data collection methods focused on a mixed methodology (qual and quant).

x12 in-home filmed depth interviews & x3 open dialogue workshops
20 minute online survey to 3000 respondents (representative sample)
Data processing, analysis support & PowerPoint output results

What We Delivered

We provided B&Q with a set of data outputs which enabled the creation of value equations for the overarching B&Q offer, and for different customer types and product categories.

These value equations showed the business which levers to pull, and what language to use alongside them, to positively influence customer purchase behaviour.

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