Case study: ASK Italian

The Brief

ASK Italian was rolling out a new design for their restaurants, and developing their menu to meet the demands of the customer.  With a target audience of women aged 28-38-year-olds. They wanted to ensure they were delivering the right customer experience, both in terms of the restaurant environment and ambience, and the perfect menu options.

Our Approach

We agreed with ASK Italian a qualitative approach for evaluating the design of the recently refurbished/ new restaurants to ascertain if they met the demands of the core audience, and bring the brand positioning to life.

Data Collection Methods

Our data collection methods focused on in-situ restaurant interviews in the UK.

In-situ Restaurant Interviews
In-situ Restaurant Data Collection
Data Processing & PowerPoint Output Results

What We Delivered

We conducted interviews with customers at the table, once they had ordered their food. This gave the customers an opportunity to survey their surroundings, and the results were not driven by the food they have just consumed, but the ambience of the restaurant. Our highly experienced interviewers were able to target the right audience from sight, without being intrusive.

The survey was 10 minutes and included questions on both the exterior and interior of the restaurant, using a mix of scaled questions, as well as open ends. The survey we designed was generic so that it would be used across all of the restaurants, and for future research. We conducted two interviewer shifts at each restaurant, giving a total of 30 completes per restaurant.

The output was a full PowerPoint deck of the results, comparing the restaurants against one another, and highlighting the key findings


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